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"We're from the Blue Snake, we're on an assignment.

So you're syndicate scumbags."

―jet Black interrogating a Blue Snake agent.[src]

The Blue Snake crime syndicate is an interplanetary crime syndicate that is presumably based on Mars.

Pao Pu-Zi was once a major consultant for the syndicate in the 2060s. However, he incurred the syndicate's wrath in 2071 when they found out that Pao had leaked inside information to Jet Black during his days as an ISSP detective in 2064, looking for a way to leave. The syndicate sent two low-level agents to find him, and they started tracking his daughter, Meifa, in hopes of finding and exacting revenge on Pao for crossing them. One of their ships followed the Bebop into hyperspace, but the crew disabled it.[1]