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This Blue Crow gang leader was a criminal and leader of a gang of thugs in Blue Crow.

This man came to have several thugs follow him as they robbed other people and harassed the few women who ever came to the city. He especially liked to rob foreigners, as they were typically rich. He had the group follow Faye Valentine when she visited the moon, however, Gren rescued her from them and outran them.

The man also learned that someone named Vicious was making a deal with someone on the moon under the name Julia. When he saw Spike Spiegel, he assumed he was the man and tried to rob him. It didn't work out.[1] This was the last straw for him, as he wandered the streets and eventually chose to give up that criminal life. Jet Black passed by him and tried to ask him for directions, but he refused, not wanting anything to do with foreigners. He promised to get an "honest job" and oddly threw himself into a passing garbage truck in despair.[2]


The character was credited simply as "Man" in Jupiter Jazz (Part 2). He was not credited in Part 1, though did have dialog.

He wasn't shown jumping into the garbage truck, but the script makes that statement.

The character was voiced by David Footsman. [3]