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Blue Crow Waltz is the ninth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Jennifer Johnson





Vicious assumingly gives an explanation to Spike about a sharp object and the euphoria he feels about it. However, Spike reveals that it was about a woman using a straight razor to shave his private area. The two then talk about how they trim their private areas while Spike empties out some trash bins in an attorney's office. An attorney named Lee talking on the phone with someone walks into the room and the moment he claims that his office will take down the Syndicate, the two make their move. First Spike uses a garrote to strangle Lee and plops him onto a nearby desk, Vicious then proceeds to stab him several times in the stomach, much to Spike's dismay. Vicious then asks him up close how it feels, which prompts a smart remark from Spike noting how Lee's not feeling any ecstasy at the time. They then bicker over how Lee was killed and who will clean up the bloody mess the body is leaving behind. At that moment a woman named Brenda and her daughter enters the place and Spike pulls out his gun onto her and demands to know her name. Brenda tells it to them and after agreeing to not tell anyone, Spike demands that they run and the two flee the scene. This prompts Vicious to remark that Spike should have killed them since they could ID them, but Spike lives by the code to never kill children. Vicious then claims that Spike is weak for being merciful, as it's a great weakness.

Eventually, Spike and Vicious meet with their client Stax at Ana's cabaret. They report to him their successful mission and they learn about their next mission involving the Neptune Cartel. Apparently, the Elders want to negotiate a deal with the cartel, to get a slice of the diamonds that rain on their planet in exchange for distribution rights. Vicious notes that the job Stax is giving them is more along the lines for him, but Stax claims that he hopes to retire soon and pass the torch onto them. Hence they need to learn the ropes of the job in order to be able to fill his shoes. He then instructs the two to open with 40% and if they haggle, the limit is 25%. Reassuringly, Vicious promises to get 40%, and when he tries to order some drinks, Stax uses his authority as his superior to get it at another table. Vicious then leaves and Spike is asked to stay by Stax who orders him to keep an eye on his partner noting his bad qualities and how Spike keeps him in line.

At the bar, Spike orders a Serpiente and a Kudo from the bartender and is then joined by Ana. The two flirt a bit and then talk a bit about Stax and then continue flirting until Gren intervenes and takes Ana backstage. There the next stage performer is too sick to perform so the lady comforting her, Julia is set to take her place, despite protesting to do so. Spike joins Vicious at his table and Vicious gloats about the well-deserved respect he's getting and how he'll one day run the Syndicate and Spike will be by his side. At the center stage, Gren announces a new performer shall entertain them that night, from there Julia sheepishly waltzes onto the stage and her performance captivates the audience. Both Spike and Vicious are especially captivated by Julia's performance. At the end of the performance, Julia gets a round of applause from everyone, and backstage, Ana presents her with a bottle of champagne from a member of the syndicate.

Eventually, Vicious takes Julia on a picnic, and the two bond a bit and then kiss. Eventually, Spike and Vicious meet with Stax in his office where he crunches numbers and asks the two to wait outside until his work is finished. While they wait, Spike and Vicious talk about Julia, and Vicious invites Spike to join them on their next date. Politely declining, Spike doesn't want to be a third wheel on a bicycle, but Vicious claims that Julia is interested in him noting how funny she finds him. Stax then informs the two that the deal with the Neptune Cartel will start soon and one of the rules imposed is that no "Iron" is to be brought, but allows back-up to accompany them. Although this condition irks Vicious, Spike cools him down and leads him out of Stax's office.

On the day of the meeting, Vicious hands Spike a gun, to which, he hands it to Shin before they enter the bar when the negotiations will be held. Meanwhile, Julia shows a bartender, the new pendant that she got from Vicious and then gets news from Gren that Ana fired her. Backstage, Julia confronts Ana, demanding to know why she was fired, but Ana reveals that she's really been promoted to be the place's new Headliner. Because of her new position at the cabaret, Julia is given her own dressing room. Later, Stax reprimands both Vicious and Spike for their breakdown in negotiations with the Neptune Cartel. Afterward, Vicious vents his frustrations about Stax to Spike at a bar until they're joined by Julia who immediately picks up on Vicious' upset nature. Spike downplays it as a rough day at the office and Julia then reveals that she was promoted to Headliner by Ana. Considering that the news is worth celebrating, Spike pours Julia a glass and the band playing there starts performing the Jupiter Jig. Julia loves the song and asks Vicious to dance with her, but he flatly refuses and suggests that Spike dance in his steed. By the dance floor, Julia asks Spike if Vicious is ok and Spike tells her he's ok and goes on to explain his backstory with Vicious. The two then head on to the dance floor and dance, when a photographer takes a picture of the two embracing each other they decide to stop. Soon afterward, on the route to a different bar, they see Ka-Ching the same Neptune Cartel broker their negotiations broke down with. Vicious runs him over and proceeds to beat the crap out of him, Spike manages to temporarily stop him, but Vicious asks for him to take Julia home. As Spike gets in the car and drives away, Vicious continues to beat Ka-Ching up.

While Spike and Julia reach her apartment, the two bond more with each other which leads to both of them having sex. Back in the alleyway, Vicious now accompanied by Shin and Lin, tortures Ka-Ching by pulling out his teeth, pouring gasoline over him, and setting him on fire. Afterward, Stax contacts Spike and details the situation to him that since Vicious killed Ka-Ching the Neptune Cartel wants him dead or else the Syndicate will be eradicated. Believing that Caliban wouldn't allow this to happen, Stax reveals that Caliban sanctioned it and he wants Spike to kill Vicious. Although Spike refuses to do it, Stax states that if he doesn't do it another will. Acquiescing to the order, Spike visits Vicious' penthouse armed with a knife. He listens to Vicious talk about the day his mother died and how his father told him how "weak" she was and how he was for shedding a tear at her loss. Vicious then confesses that, his father was right... and that he's always right. Seemingly proceeding to kill Vicious, Spike whispers into his ear that he won't allow them to kill him. Soon, Spike enters a Neptune Cartel hideout and kills all of the members there when finished, he runs into a young teen girl who he orders to run, but shoots her dead soon after.

Eventually, at Julia's apartment, Spike confesses to Julia that he can no longer live the life of a Syndicate member and wants to leave. Spike then asks that Julia run away with him, but Julia is hesitant as Vicious would find them. On the other hand, Spike reassures Julia claiming he'll never allow Vicious to find them and Julia then agrees to Spike's proposal. After they kiss, Spike asks that Julia await him under the bridge someplace and Julia agrees to meet him there. Meeting with Ana, Spike requests that she prepare a new identity for both Spike and Julia. Initially, Ana is hesitant to do it for him, but Spike reassures him that he'll keep Julia safe. Ana then promises to get Gren to prepare the papers for them and Spike thanks her while taking a single rose with him.

Meanwhile, at Vicious' penthouse, Caliban visits him. Although Caliban seemingly congratulates him for the extermination of the Neptune Cartel; the truth is he's furious for his incompetence and failure to see that his girlfriend is planning on running away from him with his partner. Later, Vicious visits Ana's office and throws Gren across the table, demands to know where Julia is, and in the process stabs her right leg with his sword. As Spike walks to the pre-determined destination, Julia is met by an associate of Vicious who informs her that she's to be led to Vicious' penthouse due to safety concerns. Under the bridge, Spike waits for Julia's arrival, but is instead met by Vicious and cohorts. Vicious informs Spike that Julia won't be arriving there and this leads to a shoot-out between them and Spike who manages to kill a couple of cohorts, but in the end falls backward into the river below.


  • Tank! (TV Edit) – Opening Title


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  • Vicious' speech to Julia goes something like this: "Возможно, я не первый с кем ты ходила на свидание, с кем целовалась, или кого любила, но я хочу быть последним" ("I may not be the first man you ever dated, kissed or loved, but I want to be the last")