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Blue is a song composed by Yoko Kanno, and recorded by the Seatbelts. It is sung by Mai Yamane and is also the opening title track to the album of the same name. It is one of the few songs from Cowboy Bebop to be sung entirely in English by Yamane. It was also included on the Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set, CD 3.

The song features as Spike collapses to the ground unconscious after killing Vicious. It replaced The Real Folk Blues as the ending song.[1]


The song opens with a chorus sung by Soichiro Otsuka and Gabriela Robin (in Latin), who returns in the bridge of the song singing exactly the same chorus, while the remainder of the song is a slowly progressing rock tune in the key of G# Major.


Lesu messiah ut; tu mea di cantus

Lesu messiah ut; tu mea di cantus

Lesu messiah ut; tu mea di cantus

Lesu messiah ut; tu mea di cantus

Never seen a bluer sky

Yeah, I can feel it reaching out

And moving closer

There's something about blue

Asked myself what it's all for

You know, the funny thing about it

I couldn't answer

No, I couldn't answer

Things have turned a deeper shade of blue

And images that might be real

Maybe illusion

Keep flashing off and on


Wanna be free

Gonna be free

And move among the stars

You know, they really aren't so far

Feels so free

Gotta know free


Don't wake me from the dream

It's really everything it seemed

I'm so free

No black and white in the blue

Everything is clearer now

Life is just a dream, you know

That's never-ending

I'm ascending