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Binary Two-Step is the sixth session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop the Netflix series.


Written by:

  • Karl Taro Greenfeld

Cast: Main



On some planet, the Bebop is docked in some ocean where a mechanic named Mel examines the Bebop's engine and notes the several flaws it has due to mishandling. As Jet listens to Mel, he gets a message about a Bounty increase on a cult leader and mass murderer named Cy-Baba who goes under the pseudonym Dr. Londes from someone called Radical Ed. Mel then informs Jet that he needs a new J92 Stabilizing Coil for the Bebop and she'll sell him one for 15k Woolong. However, Jet flatly rejects the offer and head off as his cellphone starts to beep. In his room, Spike drops a box full of his stuff and from it pulls out an old picture of him and Julia. After a bit of reminiscing, Spike tosses away the picture and picks up the stuff from the dropped box and Jet enters his room. He informs him of the Cy-Baba and transfers Spike the information on the bounty. In another room, Faye fawns over her new rail gun and shows it to Jet who goes searching for a part for the ship. He also orders Faye to look after the mechanic down in the engine room and notes that the railgun she got is a scam. Then Spike briefly shows up and is shown the gun by Faye and also says it's a scam, and then heads off to go after another bounty. Faye then visits Mel the Mechanic who also claims that the railgun is a scam. Not wanting to disturb Mel anymore, Faye tries to let Mel get back to work, but Mel is already done with everything that's she can get done with, on the engine. Mel also notes that there's nothing of value to take on the ship, but hints at Faye may be worth stealing.

Spike arrives at the doctor's office Cy-Baba is said to be and is greeted by the TV screen secretary Beatrice and leads him to a room with a chair and eye straps. Following Beatrice's instructions, Spike straps himself in it and after a minute, he unstraps himself after hearing he has to experience a 90-minute presentation. Getting off the chair, Spike exits the place from a back entrance and walks around the sidewalk of the place, and tries to reenter the building only to be called out by Julia. She begged Ana to reveal his location to inform him that Vicious has an army that's coming for him. Spike, however, refuses to leave without Julia. The moment Spike embraces Julia, she's shot dead by Vicious who was accompanied by Lin, Shin, and other Syndicate members. They then shoot dead Spike, who then reawakens in the chair in Dr. Londes' office. Once again Spike exits the place and retraces his steps outside of the office and once again meets Julia. In reality, it's revealed that Spike is trapped in a virtual reality program where his mind is not only being scanned, but also presumably being over-taken.

At a gas station, Jet tries to contact Spike, but to no avail. Back to Spike, his encounter with Julia tries to once again replay, but is compromised when Spike starts to slowly recall his last encounter with "Julia". After their talk, they leave the area and out in the real world, Jet arrives at the office and meets Dr. Kaypack. The doctor reveals that he got a tip from Radical Ed where to Cy-Baba who is an A.I. he created that went psychotic and now it's trying to steal Spike's consciousness. Furthermore, Kaypack reveals that if Jet takes off the scanner from Spike, his brain will fry, the only way to prevent that is to rewire the machine which, he continues to do. Back on the Bebop, Faye and Mel just finished making love and have a heart-to-heart about Faye's past. In a hotel, Spike brings Julia up to date with his life and tries and fails to get in contact with Jet. Again, Julia refuses to come with Spike, even though, Spike wants Julia to stay with him. Back to Jet and Kaypack, the doctor reveals that the A.I. is trying to devour Spike's consciousness by manipulating Spike's emotional tether. By kissing and embracing Julia, Spike unknowingly decreases the percentage that the A.I. has on him allowing more time for Kaypack to work with. However, he's unable to override the machine and Kaypack reveals that the mainframe on Earth has to be shut down. Vicious accompanied by Lin and Shin enter the room and kill both Julia and Spike. Meanwhile, Jet tries to contact Faye, but she doesn't pick up.

Spike again awakens in the same place while the world around him starts to deteriorate. The moment he meets with Julia, he once again tries to convince her to come with her. Jet returns to the Bebop, catches both Mel and Faye making out, and gets them to fix the Bebop to get it running again. As Spike fends off "Vicious' men" in the VR world, Jet and the others try to get the Bebop to go off and they manage to, but run into another problem with the engine starting to overheat. They solve the problem with some compromises. On Spike's side, he's not only overwhelmed by the Syndicate members, but also by Julia's blunt confession of how she doesn't feel safe around her. While Julia chastises and disparages Spike, Jet, Mel, and Faye reach Earth and destroy the A.I.'s mainframe with Faye's railgun.

Eventually, Spike is back on the Bebop laying on his stomach on the couch while Jet cooks some peppers for them. Jet brings Spike up to speed about the Londes situation and when asked what he saw in those goggles, Spike replies that he doesn't remember. In Faye's room, she says her goodbyes to Mel, but gives the mechanic her railgun as a keepsake. Within Spike's room, he slowly chews on his food and recalls the final moments that he spent in the VR and from his wastebasket pulls out the photo of him and Julia that he tossed away. Looking at it, Spike comments that he'll never let her go.


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