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This isn't Bell Peppers and Beef.

Bell peppers and beef is a common meal across the Solar System in the English dubbed anime.

On the Bebop, Jet Black often made the meal, however, because there was often a lack of funds, he had to omit the more expensive meat ingredient. He still called it "Bell peppers and beef."[1]

In the original Japanese anime, the dish is called in Chinjao Rosu (チンジャオロース or 青椒肉絲), which is based on a Chinese dish (Qing jiao rou si). It contains beef or pork, green bell peppers, bamboo shoots, and ginger. In the first episode, Spike mentions that meat (Japanese: niku, にくor 肉) is missing while the English subtitles changed the translation to "beef."

Japanese Recipes (Chinjao Rosu チンジャオロース):

Westernized Fan Recipe:

4 Bell peppers, 2 tbsp Olive oil, 1 lb Lean ground beef or whole beef cut into strips (optional), 1 tsp Butter, 1 Onion, 2 Cloves garlic (minced), 1 beef bouillon cube, Soy and Teriyaki Sauce, 1 cup Cooked white rice (optional), 1 cup shiitake mushrooms, Seasoning: Salt, pepper and paprika, Boiling water

Prep Time : 5 Min

Cook Time : 5 Min

Method: Chop onion and bell pepper into thin strips. Chop onion into strips and shiitake mushrooms into quarters. Peel the garlic and cut off the cap. Pour the olive oil into a pan/wok and stir-fry onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic with the butter for about 5 minutes or less. Add ground beef (optional) and fry till cooked to taste. Take bouillon cube and crumble over the mixture, along with the soy and teriyaki sauce. Season with salt, pepper, paprika and boiling water and stir until well blended. Place mixture in bowl/on plate and serve it with corn (optional) or rice (optional).

Serves 4 [citation needed]