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Beatrice is a visual guide that works under Dr. Londes in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Beatrice has long blond hair and hazel color eyes. She wears a brown sweater.


Coming off as a kind, informative, and amicable lady, in truth Beatrice could have been really a sub-personality of Cy-Baba.



Upon arriving in Dr. Londes' office, Spike is greeted by Beatrice who guides him to Dr. Londes' room. As she does, she explains that everyone who comes to the Londes Center is a seeker of Freedom and Harmony. She also asks him if Spike has any "Ghosts" that haunt him like guilt, regret, or a lost love. To which, he chuckles at the question and before he can answer is led into a room with a chair at the center. Beatrice then denotes that Dr. Londes one's past is what keeps you from being present and asks if Spike is ready for the journey to find his greater self. Still insisting that he meet with Dr. Londes, Beatrice insists that Spike sit in the chair and go through a brief orientation first. Spike does and Beatrice's voice details that the orientation will last 90 minutes, hence Spike leaves the chair and rushes out of the building. Afterward, all of the screens that Beatrice appeared on were supposedly shot and destroyed by Dr. Kaypack.[1]