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Bacchus was a doctor and con man. He had a nephew, Whitney Haggis.


In 2068, he started a plan along with Manley to take advantage of Faye Valentine, a cryogenically-frozen woman whose records were lost. He gave her the name "Valentine" and woke her up. He faked a set of debts for her to have incurred, planning to convince her work for him. Additionally, he had Haggis pretend to be a lawyer to help create a con in which Faye would accept his debts. The plan was successful.

He continued to hatch schemes with Haggis for the next few years. In 2071, however, Jet Black captured Haggis and brought him to the Bebop. Bacchus and Manley stole a police patrol ship in order to retrieve Haggis under the guise of the police, however, Faye was on the Bebop and abducted Haggis herself, believing he had been dead for the last three years. Bacchus revealed himself to her, and they both claimed they actually didn't know anything about her, other than she was frozen. Bacchus was forced to leave Haggis as the real police discovered the stolen ship and arrived to capture him.[1]


The character was voiced by Peter Spellos in English.[2]


  • Bacchus is the name of the God of wine. Which also Bacchus himself admits to being named after and having alcohol issues in the past.