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Asimov Solensan is a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate that's on the run with his lover Katerina in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Asimov has long dark hair and eyes. He wears a black jacket over a white shirt, black pants, and shoes.


Like his anime counterpart, Asimov was determined to start a new life with his wife Katerina on Mars.



Somewhere on New Tijuana, Asimov and his wife Katerina, the two visit a bar called El Ray. Asimov tries to sell the Red Eye that he has on his person, but the barkeep is reluctant to accept unless he gets a demonstration. Hence, Asimov uses the drug on himself as five Syndicate members enter the bar and attack Asimov. While under the influence of the Red Eye, Asimov kills four of the five Syndicate members that arrived there, and during the attack gets a wound in his shoulder.[1]

A bounty of 2.5 million Woolong Bounty is placed on Asimov's head that Jet gets notified by a former co-worker of his named Chalmers. Once Spike is briefed about the bounty, the two set off to New Tijuana to track the bounty down. Jet gets some information from the surviving barkeeper at the El Ray about Asimov and his wife. Afterward, he gets his wound cauterized as Katerina waits outside for him. She's soon approached by Spike and the two briefly talk until the arrival of Faye, which leads to a fight between the two, and Asimov becomes aware of it. As Spike and Faye fight against one another, the two escape and eventually end up in a spacecraft mechanic workshop. Spike and Jet come out of their hiding spots with their guns pointed at both Asimov and Katerina and try to reason with the two, but Asimov refuses and tries to fend off against the two while using some Red Eye on himself in the process. Out of nowhere, Syndicate members led by a man called Chivo arrive and shoot everyone there. Following this ambush, Asimov fights against Jet and nearly strangles him to death until Faye shoots him in the neck. A neurotic and panic-stricken Katerina takes the wounded Asimov and they flee the planet on a stolen spaceship. Amid their escape off the planet, Asimov succumbs to his wounds and dies, while not long after, Katerina is shot to death by the police stationed by the Warp Gate.[1]