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"Thanks for taking care of my son! Or, uh...was that my daughter?"
―Mr. Appledelhi[src]

Siniz Hesap Lütfen Appledelhi (アップルデリー・シニズ・ヘサップ・リュトフェン?) was a cartographer on Earth. He is the father of Edward, though was not around for much of her life.


In the 2060s, Appledelhi spent several years charting the terrain changes on Earth due to rock showers along with help from his assistant, Macintire. Appledelhi would often not remember Macintire's name, either through forgetfulness or a complete lack of caring.

Edward was born in 2058. Despite being a loving father, he left Edward at a daycare center in 2064 and forgot about her due to his work. He spent years looking for her and eventually reached the same orphanage she had wandered into in 2071, but she had been long gone. He left a holographic picture of himself with Sister Clara in case she came back.

Two months later, Appledelhi had an encounter with Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, who pursued him due to a bounty on him. During this, their ship, the Bebop, suddenly ran aground at his location and he saw Edward, who drove the ship there. Appledelhi rejoiced when reunited with Edward and offered to take her along with him in his mapping. The conversation abruptly ended when another meteor crashed and he left with Macintire to follow.[1]


Though it is not clear whether or not Appledelhi is as big as his rap sheet claims, Appledelhi does appear to be a large man. He is taller and wider than Spike and perhaps Jet Black as well. He is able to easily hold his own in a fight against Spike with very little effort and gain the upper hand.[1]


  • "Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lütfen" name sounds like "Afedersiniz hesap lütfen." This is a Turkish sentence which means, "Excuse me, check please."