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Aoi Tada is a Japanese singer and former voice actress who provided the Japanese voice for Edward in Cowboy Bebop.


A performer since the tender age of three, Aoi Tada’s resume includes everything from stage plays to commercials. Her past appearances have included the title role in the musical Annie, Kurt in The Sound of Music, and Cynthia in The Goodbye Girl. She also works in dubbing Hollywood movies into Japanese, though Cowboy Bebop was her debut performance in an anime. She is also a regular on Sunrise Radio, a weekly show syndicated on several Japanese stations.[1]

As well as voicing Edward, she also sang songs from the anime, including 3.14, Wo Qui Non Coin and "Wandering Cowboy".

In 2005, she became inactive in the voice acting business since she signed on to Moon-Bunny Entertainment and has gone on to her singer-songwriting career since.

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