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Animal Treasure front

Animal Treasure was a pet shop located on Caiphon Road on Mars with animals for purchase. The shop included various birds, fish and komodo dragons. The owner also bought animals from people looking to sell them.

A man arrived at the store with a dog, Ein, in a briefcase which he stole from Abdul Hakim, without knowing how much it was worth. There, he met Spike Spiegel at gunpoint, thinking the man was Hakim himself. Spike forced the shopkeeper to open the briefcase, but she didn't find it valuable and Spike left, believing he had made a mistake as the dog wasn't worth anything. Hakim himself entered the shop later and tried to take Ein, but he jumped and caused a commotion, which made many of the animals escape.[1]


It wasn't clear what the name of the city was in the episode, only that they were on Mars.