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Anastasia is an old ally of Spike in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Ana has permed dark brown hair and hazel color eyes. She wears a black leather jacket over a brown dress shirt, black pants, and high-heel shoes. She uses an umbrella as a make-shift cane.


Ana is a shrewd no non-sense lady who as stern as she can be, she shows the utmost compassion and loyalty toward those with whom she trusts and are close with her.


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Ana stops an altercation between a gang member of Santiago's and detective Daveed. She has the gang member escorted out by a bouncer and asks Daveed to kindly leave to which he begrudgingly does. The barkeep, Tory informs that she's going to send Ana something to her office via pneumatic. In her office, she takes care of it and is surprised by Spike's appearance as she was told he was dead. Spike reveals that a week ago he got in the mix with some Syndicate business and just that morning an assassin tried to kill him. Hence, Spike is looking for answers and wants her to "listen" for any juicy details that may catch her ear. Eventually, she does eavesdrop on a conversation between Lin & Shin reporting to Vicious from one of her monitors that. The two Syndicate members reveal that Gunther was killed at the church by Fearless, which infuriates Vicious, and unnerves Ana.[1]


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