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"There are only two people that can call me by that name."

Anastasia was a friend of Mao Yenrai of the Red Dragon crime syndicate. She was married for a time.


Anastasia was the owner of a convenience store on Mars, and a friend of Spike, Julia, and Mao Yenrai. She went by "Annie," and only allowed two certain people (presumably Mao and her late husband) to address her as such. She was a keen informant and in general a very sharp lady.

In 2071, Annie was minding her corner store watching TV while two kids attempt to steal pornography. She chased them down the street until the kids ran into Spike. Annie grabbed both boys, but then stopped in shock when she sees Spike, still alive. Spike went back with Annie to her store and she informed him of what happened to Mao. Annie, knowing what Spike must do, supplied him with weapons and ammunition while telling him not to go do anything stupid. She also said there's no use in telling him that because he never listens.[2]

Annie's store was ambushed by syndicate men looking for Spike and Julia. She simply responded that Spike was dead, and they shot her, leaving her for dead. After they left, Annie saw Spike again, now with Julia, when they came to Annie's shop for supplies. Annie was slumped over on a bench holding her stomach while heavily bleeding. Spike tried to stop the bleeding, but Annie passes away shortly after their arrival. Her last words were "It got a little chilly today. It's those cold winds..." And she died on the couch covered in Julia's trench coat.[3]


It isn't clear whether Annie was part of the syndicate or whether her husband was. The photo suggests they were at least friends with Mao and Spike. Since she was not in hiding from the syndicate, if she was a part, her role was likely through the store, as a storage for weapons.



  • Annie is shown to have alcoholic tendencies, with Spike being worried about her drinking habits in her debut episode. When she pours herself and Mao a drink, Spike stops her from drinking Mao's glass and says he'll drink it instead much to her dismay.