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Alisa is Jet Black's ex-lover and the mother of their child Kimmie Black in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Alisa has blonde hair and blue eyes. In her first appearance, she wore a black tank top, some necklaces, plaid gray sweaters, and shoes.


Alisa seems to hold some resentment toward Jet, but on very few occasions will allow Jet to visit Kimmie.



Alisa approaches her former husband Jet when he visits to deliver Kimmie's present, a dog named Ein. She, however, refuses it on the account of the large taxation on keeping a dog.[1]

In the past, Alisa is briefly mentioned by Jet when he informs Fad that they decided on a name for their unborn child.[2]

She appears again during Kimmie's recital and was surprised that the one who bought the flowers for Kimmie was from Jet. Amid the recital Chalmers leaves his seat to take some close-up pictures of Kimmie. Jet takes this opportunity to talk with Alisa and requests to have some of the pictures taken to be sent to him. Alisa agrees to it and mentions that it means a lot to Kimmie that he's there, to which, Jet claims he'd fight the world to be there for her. At the end of the recital, Jet has to abruptly leave, but says goodbye to Alisa who does the same.[3]

Once Kimmie was returned to Chalmers and Alisa after she was kidnapped by Vicious and his Syndicate cohorts. She drives away with her by Chalmers as a wounded Jet sits by and sadly watches.[4]