Alba City is a city on Mars.

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Alba City was a large metropolitan city on Mars connected to other cities via highways. One popular street, Moroccan street, contained a bazaar with a large amount of shops and restaurants like Cafe Ifrane. Its downtown area had very tall buildings and a tower resembling the Eiffel Tower from Earth.

Halloween celebration floats

The city had a Halloween celebration every year with themed floats, parades and an induction ceremony by the mayor near the Eiffel Tower building. It had a large participation from the city's citizens.

Cherious Medical was a pharmaceutical company in the city.[1]

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The city was threatened in 2071 by a nano-virus released by Vincent Volaju. He released some of it in a truck explosion near Red Hills on the Alba City Freeway, or 7th Metropolitan Expressway. It killed 72 people and injured 425. Federal haz-mat teams spent several hours containing the area. During the Halloween celebration that year, the floats were filled with the same nanobots and detonated. At the same time, planes overhead released anti-nanobot vaccine, countering its effects.[1]

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The spelling of the city varied from scene to scene, sometimes spelled "Alba" and sometimes "Alva."

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Alba City is the primary location of Watanabe's later series Carole & Tuesday.

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