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Abdul Hakim is a Bounty head in the Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) adaptation.


Hakim in his undisguised form had black hair in an afro, dark skin, and brown eyes. In his disguised form, Hakim had long ginger hair with prominent sideburns, and blue eyes. He wore a brown leather jacket over a light tanned brown tunic, skinny blue jeans, and black boots.


Despite being a wanted killer, Hakim was shown to have a masochistic side as he frequently saw a dominatrix by the name of Greta. He also showed a sensitive and compassionate side, at first, he wanted to kill the dogs belonging to the rich people his family once worked for. However, upon realizing how they're innocent and how he grew to like them, he bonded with them.


Hakim was a proficient martial artist.


Reviewing over some security cam footage on a new the Bounty head named Abdul Hakim, Jet contacts an information broker named Woodcock. She discloses to Jet that all of Hakim's victims were from Earth and in exchange for dinner with Jet, she hands over the raw footage of the security video she has on Hakim. Watching the footage together, Spike uses his lip-reading skills to learn that he's out for revenge for his family and has someone from his victim's family hostage. Jet then notices a cut on Hakim's wrist and realizes it's to a face changer module, so Jet fetches a frequency scrambler to help them smoke out their target. Because their target is on Tharsis and using a piece of equipment that is frequently used by brothel owners. Spike and Jet split up and scout out Betty's Boop and Betty's Bottom respectively.[1]

After Jet uses the scrambler, Hakim's cover is blown at a local gas station. Panic-stricken, Hakim flees the scene in his van, and when he reaches Betty's Bottom and asks the barmaid for Betty. As the barmaid goes to fetch Betty, Spike holds Hakim at gunpoint and gives him two choices, make it easy or fun, Hakim then knocks the gun out of Spike's hand and rushes off to the roof prompting Spike to think Hakim wants it the fun way. On top of the roof, Hakim's disguise is gone and Spike fights him. Just as Jet arrives at the scene, Spike is kicked straight into the giant sign by Hakim whose disguise is reactivated and makes his escape again as Jet rescues Spike from certain peril. Later, Jet wants to cut his losses with the hunt because, during it, he ruined the special present for his daughter, however, Spike manages to cajole Jet into continuing the mission. Spike suggests they return to Betty's Bottom and see if Hakim has a regular he sees there. Meanwhile, at an Atmo Farm, Hakim planned to kill a bunch of dogs with a shotgun.[1]

Back to Jet and Spike, they learn that the person that Hakim frequented is a woman by the name of Greta who thinks Hakim is a cheap bastard. Furthermore, he recently got a hold of a dog that he keeps at the Atmo Farm that he works at. Figuring that Hakim could be keeping his dog at the Atmo farm that he works at, Jet and Spike head to the place and find Hakim surrounded by dogs who lick and embrace him. Upon the arrival of the cowboys, Hakim anxious and alerted points his gun at the two, while Jet tries to reason with him. Spike then asks him why would he keep so many dogs following with the comment if he intends to sell them all. Hakim, however, details that he intended to kill them, but couldn't get himself to do it because they're innocent. He goes on to explain that his family once worked for the rich people that he killed, and when the Earth Gate exploded, the rich people rescued their dogs instead of them. This left a painful mental scar on Hakim who for years he plotted to kill them, but couldn't find the resolve to do it due to how fond he became of the animals. Pointing his gun to his chin, Jet, and Spike manage to successfully coax Hakim to lower his weapon, only for him to be killed by the ISSP[1]