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Abdul Hakim (アブドゥル・ハキム?) was a criminal and notorious serial pet thief who became a bounty head.

Hakim was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and carried a gun.

In 2071, Hakim stole a "data dog" named Ein from an illegal research facility intending to sell it to a buyer. This incurred a bounty of 8 million Woolongs. He then used a doctor to perform surgery on him to alter his appearance and, even his size; post-surgery, he appeared much bigger than the size that Big Shot reported. Instead of paying the doctor, however, he beat him up and left.

The bounty hunters Jet Black and Spike Spiegel started to track Hakim as he stuffed Ein into a briefcase and waited for the rendezvous with the buyer. However, at a cafe, a petty thief stole the briefcase from him and escaped briefly. Hakim caught up with the thief at Animal Treasure, but the briefcase had already been opened, and Hakim could not grab Ein. Ein ran, causing a commotion that drew Spike to chase Hakim chasing Ein. Hakim met Spike on a bridge and jumped after Ein onto a passing boat, but Ein instead jumped back up to slow Spike down. Spike and Ein escaped, and Hakim made his way back out of the river eventually.

Hakim briefly consulted a fortune teller on the street when he heard several dogs, including Ein, who had been enticed by a dog whistle. He ran after the dogs, stole a car, and was able to grab Ein and subdue him. He drove away from the city, but not only had Ein woke up and started messing with the controls, but Spike had also been following in the Swordfish II. Hakim crashed into an ISSP precinct along with the criminal scientists he stole from, and all were arrested by the police.[2]


His appearance, name, and fighting style were modeled after the NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.



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