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• 12/8/2018


Does anyone else think Victoria from cowboy beep bop looks like a guy? or is it just me?

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• 7/13/2018


Could've they brought them back? Some of the characters like Jet and some officers look pretty Neanderthal like in the head.
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• 6/2/2018

What-If Fight

Spike vs. Sanji from "One Piece." Who would win?
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• 4/4/2018

Session and movie scripts

I'm wondering if anyone has a definitive source for scripts for the sessions and movie. I downloaded a set from the below site, and it seems legit, but wanted to get feedback.
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• 3/23/2018

What happened to Radical Edward?

I just finished watch Cowboy Bebop, and was depressingly confused as to the fate of Ed.

(spoilers in case no one has finished the show)

Before the series finale Ed decides to leave the crew for unspecific reason (whether that be her father or something else altogether), and that is it. I check the manga, or if the creators of the show had an answer, but everything was a dead end, so I was wondering if anyone knew what happened?

Please, its kinda driving me crazy
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• 10/21/2017

What happened at the end?

So guys, I just finished this masterpiece and I have only one question: "WHAT THE F*CK DID JUST HAPPEN?"
(seriously, i couldn't understand a single thing)
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• 8/21/2017

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• 3/15/2016

Did Punch join the syndicate?

The syndicate member that Shin kills in The Real Folk Blues Part 2 looks remarkably like Punch. Punch in in the previous episode responded to the quesion "have you found a job yet?" with "don't worry about that". Could that and the fact Punch and the man killed are the same character model suggest that he joined the Red Dragon Syndicate under new management and met an unfortunate death?
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• 5/12/2015

The Real Folk Blues Last Verse

In the last 10 minutes of the final episode a verse  is sung unheard anywhere else
[to my knowledge] please disclose Japanese lyrics if you know them
Humble Thanks!
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• 3/26/2015

Name your Favorite One-time, Supporting or Main Character (or all three!)!

Explain what they did that makes them your fav, and why you like/how you can relate to them be it yourself or a friend you know.
Mine is Ein, because he's smart & usually in a good mood while spreading it on board. That is unless you make him upset, and he cries at times if not fed just like a dog would. He has a good sense of if a person doesn't belong & will growl his seal of disapproval if they are dangerous or not to be trusted. Jeydo (talk)
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• 8/15/2013

BeBop Family Relationship Analysis

I find the familial relationships between the members of the BeBop interesting. Was wondering if anyone had any input.
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